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MLK Poster, Racism and the new Civil Rights movement

Martin Luther King Jr. – Racism and the New Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King Jr. is man of monstrous proportions, an icon, a leader and a legend that helped instigate great change in a time of great struggle. Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I have a Dream” speech is a powerful dream that is yet to be fulfilled. While the 1960’s civil rights movement helped integrate black […]

Red State Sad State Wisconsin T-shirt, Political T-shirts by Progress

Wisconsin Government 2010 – 2014 and Wisconsin Uprising

For those that aren’t engaged and following Wisconsin politics or with bad memories (stoners and my pops) on how Wisconsin went from a blue state to a red state in 2010 and a short overview of the events that followed… College dropout and Tea Party lovechild, Scott Walker burst into prominence when he won the […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Patch

Celebrating the Life: MLK

In remembering and celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a single day does not do justice to the important and complex issues that he represented. He was a leader in many important ways on many important issues of his time, but the vast majority of those issues still resonate, 43 years after his […]