Wisconsin Government 2010 – 2014 and Wisconsin Uprising

For those that aren’t engaged and following Wisconsin politics or with bad memories (stoners and my pops) on how Wisconsin went from a blue state to a red state in 2010 and a short overview of the events that followed…

College dropout and Tea Party lovechild, Scott Walker burst into prominence when he won the 2010 Wisconsin Governor Race against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett(D). Walker won with the huge backing of corporate funding from the Koch Brothers and Tea Party. Immediately after taking office in early 2011 the Tea Party lovechild took a big stab at labor union power for all Wisconsin Government Unions by introducing a bill to end collective bargaining for all Government Unions EXCEPT police and fire (the only 2 unions that supported him) Governor Walker did not run on this issue, he ran on “job creation” and has done nothing to create jobs. So this was a giant asshole move and a surprise to everyone – except those in Governor Walker’s inner circle (6 of which are now in jail).

The result is known as the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising, where 14 Democratic Senators left the State to prevent the immediate passing of the bill and so the people of Wisconsin could voice their opinions. Education and supporters, Wisconsin Labor Unions and supports, and Democrats across the state were up in arms with Governor Walker. Over 100,000 protestors descended on Madison with huge protest that included national musicians and celebrities. There was a peaceful takeover/occupation of the Capital building and sustained protests that lasted for months, even after the bill passed.

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However there was nothing the Dems could (legally) do to stop the Republican’s plan. With the 2010 Tea Party takeover, Wisconsin swung from a blue state to a red state and then to a sad state as shady politics spread across the state. The Republicans had a Super-Majority, aka they controlled the Governor’s seat, the state House, the state Senate, AND the Supreme Court (yes we have a partisan Supreme Court -wtf!). So Governor Walker and his Republicans control all levels of state government and a number of shady bills are passed with Wisconsin becoming more medieval by the week.

Meanwhile the Dems filed recall petitions in early 2012 against Governor Walker and his Sarah-Palin wannabe sidekick, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. There was a 2012 Wisconsin recall election and the Democrats decided to run the same candidate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, yes the same one that was already defeated less than 2 years prior. While many were confused, Governor Walker won 60 of the 72 counties with 53.1% of the total vote.

Governor Walker and Republicans have maintained their control of Wisconsin politics and now Mary Burke is running for Governor of Wisconsin.

As we’ve said before, we are not supporting Republican Governor Scott Walker or Democratic Challenger Mary Burke. We are supporting a strong Democracy in Wisconsin, strong jobs in Wisconsin, strong education in Wisconsin, and an end to shady politics in Wisconsin. We want Wisconsin to live by our state motto – FORWARD. Check out the Wisconsin Workers t-shirt design and sweatshirt design for our graphic shirts.

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