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Mary Burke Campaign Marketing - Political T-shirts by Progress Label

Marketing the Mary Burke Campaign

As the 2014 Wisconsin Governor’s race warms up, you can expect Progress will be addressing the race. I received my first piece of mail from the Mary Burke campaign yesterday and I can’t help but shake my head and make note of the campaign’s weak marketing efforts. Mary Burke is the Democratic challenger for Governor […]

Red State Sad State Wisconsin T-shirt, Political T-shirts by Progress

Wisconsin Government 2010 – 2014 and Wisconsin Uprising

For those that aren’t engaged and following Wisconsin politics or with bad memories (stoners and my pops) on how Wisconsin went from a blue state to a red state in 2010 and a short overview of the events that followed… College dropout and Tea Party lovechild, Scott Walker burst into prominence when he won the […]

MAY & JUNE : Fairs, Fests, Parties & Markets Tour 2011

Now that it is warm enough to leave the house we’re on the move! Come visit us at any of the events below – we miss you. MAY 21:Chippewa Falls, WI – Fighting Bob Fest North 22:Madison, WI – WORT Block Party 28, 29 & 30:Boulder, CO – Boulder Creek Fest JUNE 4:Oshkosh, WI – […]