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Progress Fck the Mall


The power of your pocketbook gives you an opportunity to make a difference! It’s nice that small businesses have Small Business Saturday to promote the shop small campaign, but small businesses need more than a single day of support. As a small business owner, I support my fellow hustlers every day because that’s what small businesses […]


Communicating with T-shirts – Making the CWA Union Protest T-shirt

I was recently approached by Communication Workers for America to create their new “Rally” or protest shirt design. The CWA has had dozens of shirt designs in the past but they were seeking a powerful design with a good deal of visibility, strength and recognition. I took the project on as a fun challenge through my design […]

Hoodies for the Homeless, 2013

Hoodies for the Homeless is a sponsor partnership between Progress Label and our brother business, Offbeat Press in support of Day by Day Warming Shelter, the local, all-inclusive homeless shelter. With Hoodies for the Homeless both Progress & Offbeat Press have unique ways to support. All purchases of the “Support Community” pullover hooded sweatshirt during […]


Progress Not Congress

Congress reminds us almost weekly of how incompetent and inept they are. This week, the Republican controlled House of Representatives has forced a government shutdown as a last resort to defund and delay Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and women’s preventive healthcare. This government shutdown deeply affects millions of Americans both directly and indirectly but the Republican […]

Red State = Sad State

Red State = Sad State

We’ve added a new design to the WISCONSIN WORKERS series. This design was created on election night 2010 and is more true now than it was then. Wisco went real red on Election night 2010 where the conservative agenda took over in full force. Since the conservative corporate agenda took effect, over 1 million Wisconsin citizens have […]

 PROGRESS Label Supports Wisconsin Workers

PROGRESS Label Supports Wisconsin Workers

It should come as no surprise that PROGRESS Label supports the taxpayers of Wisconsin in our historic battle for representation in our state Government. There were some big changes last fall and the corporate money has wrapped its greedy paws around Governor Walker and the new Republican Supermajority. In the past week, Wisconsin workers have […]