Solar Sewing. Really?Really.

Everyone! This is Paul. Our resident renewable energy seamster artist.  We met up with him at the Philly Folk Festival, when he impressed us with his 1920’s ukulele/banjo skills. What was even more impressive was that he runs his portable sewing machine off of solar power and bike power. Paul is a sewing artist who makes embroidered patches. You give Paul an idea, 5 words or less, and he sews it on anything you want. Give him the corner of your shirt, the back of your hat, or let him sort through the inevitable box of scraps he has accumulated.  A snippet of your imagination, to live forever.

A little back history on Paul.  His original art form existed in drawing and painting.  His liking towards functional art progressed into putting his art on candles.  That wasn’t quite right, but it was the road that eventually led him to start sewing his designs.  When he started traveling the country, his means for income came through the sale of his sewing, which he started doing on t-shirts and pants only.  What he found was the general population wasn’t willing to part with a shirt.  That is when the patch designs were born.  He started with a theme called, fishtown.  Mister Fish Pants, the founder, and many more friends to follow.  He is currently focusing on returning to his original draw art, only now his pencil is a finer tipped needle.

Today is our last day with Paul, he is returning to the West Coast.  Thank you Paul for your inspiring creations and refreshing originality.  We will all miss you.

For more information on Paul and his fabulous patch art, visit his wesbsite.

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