G M Oh NO!

“You asked for it and we are bringing it to you live, folks.!  Spider Goats outnumber Spinach Pigs in the latest episode of GMO Warz! Stay tuned to see who will battle the notorious Tomato Fish.  Now a

few words from our sponsors, take it away Monsanto.”

What sounds like arbitrary animal/plant/insect combinations to create a stage for a sci-fi mutant battle, isn’t far from what is going on in laboratories across the globe. DNA of plants and animals are being modified to attach traits to living things that would not occur in the natural world.  This is done through the cutting and reattaching of portions of genetic makeup from one organism to another.

Genetically modified seeds are at the forefront of discussion here in SLR land.   Monsanto has used genetic engineering to patent seeds that contain insecticides, such as the ones found in Roundup, a pesticide they developed in 1980.  We don’t know exactly what the health effects will be from consuming GMOs at this point, but we do know that Roundup is toxic.  We also know that pollen from a GM plant can travel up to 100 km and contaminate organic grower’s fields.  We also know that the more insecticides that are being used, the larger the threat of insecticide resistant bugs is.  Thus needing an even higher level of toxin to kill that insect, and so on until we have created superbugs and weeds.   This very same issue is also happening in our medical field.  With the wide spread use of antibiotics, we are creating bacteria that is antibiotic resistant.  In my opinion, this issue, even more than health, is very pressing.

Currently the SLR has teamed up with the Right2Know March to demand that GMOs in our food are labeled.  We believe that consumers should have appropriate knowledge when it comes to their food choices and environmental impact.  The march is from Brooklyn, NY to Washington DC.

Marchers travel about 20 miles a day on average.  Followed by our friendly ‘lag wagon’ and our, ever so, luxurious carpeted port-o-potties.  The wagon is intended to transport any stragglers that have found themselves of drastic distance from the group.  Much needed, as the day lengthens.  This also helps to rejoin and make our voices heard as the group enters cities and towns.

Almost everyday there is a mid-point stop at a co-op or natural foods store to help spread the word about GMOs.  The SLR sets up information and entertainment for the general public. This is also an opportunity for Everybody’s Kitchen to serve us some much needed organic grub.   Then the marchers continue on to that days ending point, generally this has meant the closest campground we can find.  We eat, hydrate and shower off in Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap traveling foam shower.  Quite the site, I must say, and head to bed.  Repeat.  When all is said and done, most of this group will have walked 315 miles.  A small price to pay for our freedom of choice, they’d say.

Please check us out at Right2KnowMarch.org for more information AND if you are interested in signing our petition visit JustLabelIt.org

Also feel free to ask any questions surrounding this issue, we have a number of educators on this topic in our midst, as well as people very familiar with the science aspect. Thank you and good night.

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