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The True Cost of Coal

Sitting shoulder to shoulder, 14 hips locked into place, not an inch was left in the all-wheel-drive vehicle chosen to make the climb up Kayford Mountain.  I no longer had to sketch an image of the destruction caused by mountaintop removal in my head.  Typically,  I prefer my images painted, but not in this scenario. […]

Zona Heaster Shue

The Greenbrier Ghost

In the spirit of Halloween and West Virginia, (where the Roadshow will sojourn for the next 2 weeks) I’d like to share some ghost-lore from the area.  This tale is the only one of it’s kind.  The legend of the Greenbrier Ghost recounts the event where the testimony from the supernatural being was used in […]


G M Oh NO!

“You asked for it and we are bringing it to you live, folks.!  Spider Goats outnumber Spinach Pigs in the latest episode of GMO Warz! Stay tuned to see who will battle the notorious Tomato Fish.  Now a few words from our sponsors, take it away Monsanto.” What sounds like arbitrary animal/plant/insect combinations to create […]


Solar Sewing. Really?Really.

Everyone! This is Paul. Our resident renewable energy seamster artist.  We met up with him at the Philly Folk Festival, when he impressed us with his 1920’s ukulele/banjo skills. What was even more impressive was that he runs his portable sewing machine off of solar power and bike power. Paul is a sewing artist who […]


Oh, fiddle sticks!

Hi friends.  We have a lot to catch up on, Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable on a traveling bus you know.  Especially not when you are battling for bandwidth with 12 other people.  But, none-the-less I am back and ready to share some more of my journey with y’all. Yeah, that’s right, I say y’all now. […]

Bridgette at the Oshkosh Farmer's Market

Sustainable Living Roadshow, here I come!

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bridgette and I will be traveling with the the Sustainable Living Roadshow(SLR) as Progress Label‘s Road Soldier.  I will be offering up the masses a cup of progressive tea, complimentary with every purchase of a delicious t-shirt.  I am currently a student at UW-Oshkosh and […]