I wish I had this kind of free time …

A week or so back Robyn, the PROGRESS Labeler who mans the booth at the Oshkosh Farmer’s Market, got a visit from the gentleman who runs the market. He had come to investigate a report of our “hateful” apparel and ask us to remove it.

He didn’t find anything (as he had suspected).

The closest we could figure is that the compliantant took issue with the Wisconsin Workers designs – anti-Walker, pro Union. Liberal – not hateful.

Just because I may disagree with you doesn’t mean I hate you.

I like to envision the complainant as old and crotchety – shaking their cane at passersby who come too close to stepping on their lawn – but I think it was just a conservative with too much time on their hands.

I want that kind of free time. Plenty of people have annoyed me – parking lot Vultures at the grocery store, the city of Oshkosh for planning massive road-closing construction during EAA, EAA tourists who roll down their windows to tell me to get out of their way so they can go the wrong way on a one way street – if I had the free time I could write pages and pages of strongly worded letters to vent my frustrations at the poor intern who was assigned the unfortunate job of opening the mail.

But before I sit down to write those letters, first I should pack up and donate that pile of old clothes in my laundry room – or paint the bathroom – or vacuum out my car – or learn to play the harmonica – or anything else.

I will never have that kind of free time because, well, I have better things to do.


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