The birth of PROGRESS

Ripon DesignFrom the birthplace of the Republican Party, born on Guy Fawke’s Day. The gears of PROGRESS slowly began turning 18 years later and got another jumpstart while living in Europe in the run up to the Operation Iraqi Liberation and finishing up a degree in fine art & design. As the sales campaign for the Iraq war amped up, my convergence of politics, sociology and art became the early roots of PROGRESS Label clothing. After seeing too many poorly designed politically thoughtful shirts and too many empty Brand Billboard style shirts, I felt the need to create something different. So I decided early on, if I was to do this I wouldn’t be want another reactionary shirt company with a strong political party tilt. So with PROGRESS all shirts thus far have been heavily conceptual, image based shirts. The first PROGRESS Label shirt designs printed a couple months after Shock ‘n Awe.


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