Forward Wisconsin t shirt womens


The story behind the design:
Wisconsin went from blue to red on Election night 2010 with lots of help from the one percent. After the corporate agenda began Wisconsin’s demolition, over 1 million Wisconsin citizens have stepped from the confines of comfort and voiced their dissent. Republicans have become Independents and the middle-class has banded together. Taxpayers took to the streets and an uprising began. The battle for representation continues.


Forward Wisconsin t shirt womens

Heather Blue Retro Forward Wisconsin t shirt womens. American-made and hand-printed in Wisconsin with earth-friendly water-based ink. 100% comfort, Wisconsin United, Progress Label Forward Wisconsin T-shirt, made in USA with ringspun cotton, fashion-slim fit. Centered front “Forward” print with Wisconsin Workers back graphic and logo on upper back. A variation of this design is also available in a Men’s T-shirt.

Machine wash cold, Available in Men’s or Women’s.

Documenting History:
The conservative lobbying group Citizens United was founded in 1988 by Tea Party activists Charles Koch and Bill Koch, best known as the Koch Brothers and as owners of Koch Industries. The Citizens United and their corporate backers banded together to sue the Federal Elections Commission and disband the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act officially known as Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. The case advanced to the Supreme Court and Citizens United overturned the Campaign reform law. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Citizens United citing the First Amendment prohibits the restriction of independent political expenditures by labor unions, corporations, or organizations, and thus the explosion of private money and specifically the Koch Brothers money blasted into the political scene.

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold was at the heart of Congress’ attempt to reform campaign finance laws and thus he and Wisconsin were the Koch Brother’s first targets. With bottomless bank accounts the Republicans seized control of the Wisconsin Senator’s seat, the Wisconsin Governorship, and the Wisconsin state legislature.

After narrows Republican victories in the 2010 election sent Wisconsin swinging from blue to red, Republican Governor Scott Walker used some chicanery to end collective bargaining for public unions, except the 2 unions that supported his campaign. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens took to the streets and the Capital. Madison, Wisconsin became a political hotbed as Democratic Senators left the state so the public could show their displeasure. The incident received some national and international attention however the Republicans held a super majority with control of all branches of government and thus the vote passed as it was designed to.

Senator Feingold has gone on to create the non-profit group Progressives United and the United State of Wisconsin continues to fight a difficult battle against Governor Walker, the Republican super majority, the Koch Brothers, the corporate elitists, and their bottomless pockets.

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