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The past week has been a crazy week for PROGRESS and a crazier week for Wisconsin andWisconsin Workers. The taxpayer tide is turning in Wisconsin but the Republicans are stepping up their tactics of intimidation. How long will Governor Walker and the Republicans stand by their politically-motivated ideological fight against unions, taxpayers, and democracy in Wisconsin and will the Democrats break?
PROGRESS won’t break! Wisconsin Workers t-shirts are printed and available for sale. Each sale helps spread the message and supports the national struggle for campaign finance reform to limit corporate influence in the political process. $3 from the sale of every Wisconsin Workers shirt is donated to Progressives United.
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No doubt Governor Walker has had a rough couple weeks. Last week Governor Walker was pranked by a Gonzo reporter and was turned into an international joke. Friday evening Governor Walker was asked to leave a Madison restaurant because his presence was causing a disturbance and Saturday 100,000+ protestors came to the Capitol to urge for compromise. In the past week there have been hundreds of local protests across Wisconsin with many more planned for this weekend. There have also been dozens of large solidarity rallies from Juneau, AK to NYC.
While we were in Madison last Saturday, PROGRESS stopped by the WORT 89.9FM studios and dropped off some PROGRESS Label shirts for their pledge drive. Alhaji and DJ Linda invited me on the air and we spoke a bit about the protests, the Wisconsin Workers shirts and PROGRESS Label clothing. PROGRESS Label shirts have been available with on-air pledges on various WORT programs this week. We look forward to working with WORT on ongoing projects including their spring fundraiser, the WORT block party.
Tensions were high on Sunday night as Governor Walker had ordered the closing of the Capitol building at 4 pm. About 600 students, teachers, professors, firefighters, police, clergy, politicians and union members continued the protest beyond 4 pm., facing potential arrest for their civil disobedience. After 6 pm. Sunday, Capitol police defied the Governor’s orders and allowed food to be brought in and the protestors to spend the night in the capital!
Ahead of Gov. Walker’s budget address Tuesday night the Capitol was closed to the public. Access to the Capitol has continued to be restricted despite a court order issued Monday allowing citizens access to the building. A few assembly Democrats have set up office outside the Capitol in order to meet with their constituents as Wisconsin State Troopers have gone as far as tackling one Democratic lawmaker for trying to enter the Capitol.
There are initial reports that at least one Republican Senator has wavered from his backing of the bill, but we haven’t seen any official announcements.
The only union still supporting Gov. Walker is the WI State Troopers. State Troopers are being used by Governor Walker to surround the Capitol, intimidate the Workers, knock on the doors or the Democrats that have fled the state and now to arrest them. WI State Troopers have become political pawns of Governor Walker under the leadership of Republican Stephen Fitzgerald
Boycotts of Koch brothers products and Wisconsin corporations that supported Gov. Walker are ongoing. We especially encourage individuals to stop supporting the Koch Industries brands. Here is a list of Koch Industries brands.
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