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UPDATE: We’ve hired an intern. Thank you to everyone who applied! 


PROGRESS Label clothing has a kickass opportunity for a young progressive student or recent graduate to travel the East Coast and live like a rockstar. The Sustainable Living Roadshow has invited PROGRESS to join the SLR and run and manage their Green Marketplace at various music events and college campuses, selling PROGRESS Label graphic apparel, other green products, and educating the general public on conscious consumerism.

This position begins immediately with training beginning as soon as 7/20/11 and touring from 8/10/11 – 11/18/11(roughly). Training will be 2-3 days a week with a commitment of up to 20 hrs/wk(flexible with weekends mandatory). During touring you will be immersed in communal living, living and working with the Roadshow while traveling the country on the ‘Right to Know’ tour. The Sustainable Living Roadshow(SLR) will provide you with 3 meals per day as well as sleeping arrangements on their fully equipped, modern biodiesel tour bus. At events and on the road the Road Intern will participate in all communal living chores, setup, takedown and general duties as assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator. At events the Road Intern will be responsible for assisting with all general set-up, breakdown and management of the green market for their scheduled shifts with scheduled shifts off as coordinated by SLR.

On tour you will live and work amongst a superb group of hand-picked creative and environmentally-focussed individuals from across the country under the leadership of the nicest person in the world. With this close group of SLR (30+) volunteers and staff you will also connect with thousands of wonderful people as you travel from the Midwest down the East Coast and eventually to Austin, TX via a caravan of busses and box trucks.

The PROGRESS Road Intern must be reliable, prompt, responsible, respectful, people and detail-oriented, and posses strong communication and problem-solving skills. Previous experience in customer service/hospitality is desired with studies and/or life experience in environmentalism, political science, sustainability and social entrepreneurism. Additional marketing experience, creative skills, common sense and general life skills will also make you look better. The Road Intern must posses a basic understanding of green business practices and sustainability and able to obtain in-depth knowledge about material goods production processes and conscious consumerism to help educate your audience as part of the SLR Right to Know Tour. The Road Intern will learn basic business skills, tracking inventory and be responsible for general bookkeeping and sales logs.

The Road Intern will keep an ongoing journal/blog documenting their travels, and experiences to connect with existing customers, new interests, the SLR community and the PROGRESS online audience.

Motivated college students may be able to arrange this position as a credit-earning internship. That opportunity and credit requirements will be solely at your discretion and must fit into the current terms of the position.

PROGRESS Label clothing is a socially and politically progressive graphic apparel company. Our apparel line is American-made and eco-conscious. PROGRESS Label clothing is focused on creating a unique and very progressive line of clothing that opens the eyes of unsuspecting consumers, encouraging creative resistance and positive changes in the world around us. The clothing design concepts address issues including: social indifference, cultural norms, conscious consumerism, social responsibility, environmental awareness, political propaganda, conventional beliefs and global progress.

The Sustainable Living Roadshow is an Oakland based non-profit organization that has taken part in over 200 events across the nation and beyond. SLR is the largest biofuel-powered caravan in the country having traveled over 700,000 sustainable tour miles. Roadshow events focus on educating, inspiring and empowering people with everyday solutions for a healthier planet and lifestyle. Using the entertainment, theatrics and comedy of an “old timey carnival road show”, our education focuses on interactive fun with wide appeal. All SLR events are off-the-grid and striving to become zero-waste events. SLR is well connected with a national network of youth activists and campaigns throughout the country.

Applicants must apply immediately! Do not waste your time perfecting your resume, interviews will be given to all qualified applicants. Please email current resume and/or SLR Application to drew(at) for consideration and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope to have this position filled by July 20th to begin immediately with an absolute start date no later than August 1, 2011.

Please include this completed application in your application email:


PROGRESS Label + Sustainable Living Roadshow Summer/Fall Tour Crew Application 2011

The Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is a caravan of educators, activists and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles setting up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with interactive learning villages designed to empower communities to activate sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet.  The goal of the Sustainable Living Roadshow is to utilize the platform of festivals and community gatherings to empower individuals and communities with the bio-regional solutions for sustainability.  We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and informed individuals who are ready to create change.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out your answers within the document using as much space as necessary.  You can email the document as an attachment or copy and paste into an email.

Please email (1) completed application. If possible please include (2) a photo of yourself (3) current resume with references to



Email Address:

Website/ Facebook Page:

Best Phone Number:


Area of Residence:

How did you hear about PROGRESS Label clothing & what is your experience with PROGRESS?

Are you familiar with the Sustainable Living Roadshow?

Previous Experience, if any(use additional space as necessary):

1) Living in community

2) Customer Service

3) Environmental Education

4) Sustainable Business Practices

5) Theatre / Arts

6) Working Festivals and large events

7) Touring/ Extended Travel

How do you want to be “solutionary” in the world today?

Why do you want to take your skills on the road?

There are many different roles and responsibilities while on tour with the roadshow and we will all get to participate in every aspect.  Beyond running the Green Marketplace, which of these facets of touring appeal to you?

1) Road Warriors and Tech Crew (Set-up, strike and maintenance of the show)

2) Eco-Carnies and Performers

3) Environmental Education

4) Health and Healing

5) Alternative Energy and Technology Solutions

6) Communal Living and Food

7) Activism

8) Social Justice

9) Community Network Building

10) Community Legacy Projects

The PROGRESS Road Intern position will be responsible for managing, maintaining, educating and growing PROGRESS Label and the SLR Green Marketplace

What is your experience in Green Living products?

What is your experience with sustainable business development?

Do you have creative or art talents?

Do you have dietary restrictions?

Do you have heath concerns that the organization needs to know about?

Do you have any project/display/creative skills or ideas that you would like to bring on the road?

The Tour
The tour schedule will have us all working 7 days a week, producing two events per week, in addition to other smaller projects for 2-4 months (depending on your availability).  Are you willing and able to keep this pace?

SLR tour orientation will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area July 22nd – 28th and is Required for all tour participants unless explicit arrangements are made in advance.  This will be a great time of getting to know all the other crew members, teach-ins about the issues we will educating the nation about, and learning how to put on the show.

SLR Summer/Fall tour will depart Oakland, CA on July 30th and return to Oakland, CA on Nov 18th.  We encourage all applicants to consider committing to the entire tour and understand that for some this will not be an option because of other commitments.

Part 1: Oakland, CA – Brooklyn, NY (Outdoor Retailer Conference, Philly Folk Festival, Steel Jam Festival, North East Universities, etc)
Part 2: Brooklyn, NY – Oakland, CA (Right2Know March, South East Universities, 100 Acre wood festival, etc)

*PROGRESS will be joining the tour after the Outdoor Retailer Conference. Roughly August 10th  – November 18th with training to begin as soon as possible.
Are you able to commit to the entire tour?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If yes, please elaborate.

SLR is an all volunteer organization, and our crew is compensated with food and housing.  However you will live and work among the volunteers as a paid intern. Payment details are still being completed. If necessary, will you be able to financially sustain yourself for the beginning of the tour until payment is reached. Regular payments may be difficult as you’ll be traveling the country by bus

Any additional information?

It is SLR’s policy that each crew member, individually and collectively, demonstrate maximum respect in attitude and actions to all people of the many culturally and racially diverse communities visited during the tour. We expect all crew members to actively support this policy.

Sustainable Living Roadshow promotes respect and openness in the living and working environments on tour.  We strive to keep our work free from discrimination on the basis of race, class, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We expect all crew members to actively support this policy.

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