Progress Not Congress

Congress reminds us almost weekly of how incompetent and inept they are. This week, the Republican controlled House of Representatives has forced a government shutdown as a last resort to defund and delay Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and women’s preventive healthcare. This government shutdown deeply affects millions of Americans both directly and indirectly but the Republican leadership only cares about their own partisan ideologies.

The Tea Party was created and financed by billionaires that want to diminish the power of our federal government and end government regulations so they can maximize their greed. No one should be surprised that Tea Party Republicans have shut down the government they despise. Shutting down the government is quite possibly the only successful accomplishment of the Tea Party.  Government shutdown is a dream come true for the Koch Brothers and the Plutocrats that created the Tea Party.
Our government is a joke and they prove this design SO true again.


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