PROGRESS Label Supports Wisconsin Workers

It should come as no surprise that PROGRESS Label supports the taxpayers of Wisconsin in our historic battle for representation in our state Government. There were some big changes last fall and the corporate money has wrapped its greedy paws around Governor Walker and the new Republican Supermajority.
In the past week, Wisconsin workers have asked PROGRESS to help spread the message, the struggle and the conversation beyond the rallies and the protests.
Our first reaction wasn’t to create new t-shirt designs, but to inform our neighbors, energize the taxpayers, and create conversation wherever we could. But since you asked, we designed and released a series of Wisconsin Workers limited edition, Union-made t-shirt designs addressing the fight for workers rights in Wisconsin and the epic battle for democracy.
PROGRESS created three Wisconsin Workers shirt designs that are currently available for purchase. Production is underway and we’re pushing these orders through amongst the busy workload at partner business, Offbeat Press. We’ll be in touch again soon to let you know where we’re at with these orders.
To order your Wisconsin Workers shirt visit: WISCONSIN WORKERS Designs
We are donating $3 from the purchase of every WISCONSIN WORKERS shirt to the new non-profit organization Progressives United.
We’ve been a part of a handful of protests and felt great energy in various areas of the state, here are some of our favorites. Citizens have put forth so much positive creativity, humor and kindness to support Wisconsin workers. During Saturday’s rally in Madison, I had lunch donated from a supporter in Delaware and later dinner donated by locals. At the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice 20th birthday celebration on Saturday evening I had the opportunity to see Medea Benjamin speak, founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange and see the Raging Grannies.
For those still looking to understand the issues facing WI, the award-winning Capital Times has a good editorial here: Walker gins up ‘crisis’ to reward cronies
Here’s a great video montage by the WI State Journal.
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