Welcome to America | Immigration T-shirt


The story behind the design:
Over four decades after Europeans invaded and occupied native homes we are surrounded by electrified barbed wire perimeters. The land where tribal nations once roamed is a nation of firepower and fear. For centuries, the USA embraced neighborly values and welcomed immigrants to become the melting pot of opportunity. As the melting pot has spoiled, immigrants are welcomed if they accept risky work at unfair wages and live outside the freedoms of our citizens.


Welcome to America women’s immigration t shirt

Welcome to America women’s immigration t shirt, white 100% ringspun cotton, Welcome T-shirt. American-made and hand-printed in Wisconsin with water-based inks. Soft fabric and fashion-slim fitting for a woman’s body.  Centered, front Welcome print with Progress logo on upper back. A variation of this design is also available in Men’s T-shirt.

Available in Mens or Womens. 100% comfort, machine wash cold. 

Documented History:
American immigration isn’t a new activity. Native Americans have long been at the mercy of the cultures that captured and occupy their homes and their lands. For four and half centuries, European immigration was widely accepted by American leaders and citizens. However as American politics have become more radicalized, ethnic fears have grown, domestic borders have closed, and outright aggression has developed towards people of other cultures. The cultural divides have developed a deep hatred from some Conservatives towards cultures South of the border and other foreign lands. Some Conservative groups and even governments are unaccepting of racial differences and they have justified racism and aggression toward “illegal aliens”. Tens of thousands of “illegal” and some legal immigrants are imprisoned every year and many are deported back to their home country. Meanwhile foreign workers commonly accept jobs at less than minimum wage and no health and legal protections so they can work under the visibility of the government. Human rights of cultures are abused on many levels both inside and outside America’s borders.



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