Think Global Act Local T-shirt


The story behind the design:
World trade expands the separation of global wealth. Corporations put profits over people, turning third-world workers to modern-day slaves. Human rights, health, ethics, nature and local communities crumble while the U.S government provides public assistance to the same corporations. The money flow leaves local citizens in the global transnational scheme and industrialized nations are increasingly reliant on the cheap goods they no longer make. The power of citizen’s collective purse can sustain citizen development and allow community, creativity and life to prosper. Think Global. Act Local!


Think Global Act Local t-shirt

Men’s, organic slate t-shirt. American-made t-shirt, printed in Wisconsin using eco-friendly water-based inks. Organic ringspun cotton t-shirt with a men’s/unisex fashion-fit. Earth and map print transposed within a brain illustration and text reading think global act local. Lower, front/side print, with Progress logo on upper back. Think Global Act Local design is also available in a women’s t-shirt.

Available in Mens or Womens. 100% comfort, machine wash cold. 

Documented History: Separation of wealth, global trade and corporate greed are often at odds with ethics, human rights, health, local culture and environmental preservation. Think global, act local.

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Weight .25 lbs

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