State of Emergency US Healthcare t shirt women’s


The story behind the design:
Health Mongering Opportunists sail with governmental guidance pillaging everyone in their path. The strength of America is failing – birth rates decrease, death rates rise, and millions of Americans weaken. Health care is not controlled by those that take the Hippocratic oath, but by the hypocrites in suits interested in our treasures.


State of Emergency US Healthcare t shirt women’s

Ice Grey State of Emergency US Healthcare t shirt women’s. American-made t-shirt, hand-printed in Wisconsin with enviro-friendly water-based ink. 100% ringspun combed cotton, super-comfortable women’s t-shirt with slim-fit style.  Large front print with additional back graphic and modified healthcare graphic and  logo on upper back. A variation of this concept is also available in a Men’s T-shirt, Piratized Healthcare.

Machine wash cold.

Documented History:
The health of American citizens is secondary to profit in America’s privatized healthcare system. Healthcare insurance and healthcare companies increase profit by providing the least amount of care possible. Holistic health solutions and homeopathic cures are not a priority in a healthcare system fueled by greed. Healthcare bandages and prescription medicine provide a temporary chemical fix and the drug companies and doctors dine and dance on our dollars. Privatized healthcare simplifies doctors to legal drug dealers for prescription drugs where their ongoing education comes from the sales agents of pharmaceutical companies.

Large health insurance companies are scams willing to steal from everyone in their path to put money in their own treasure chests. Under the façade of healthcare, the insurance pirates pillage the health of individuals. Insurance companies profit from providing their clients with the least amount of care possible. The less care they give the more they profit and the more their chests of treasure fill on behalf of our health.

Second to the health insurance greed is the patchwork system of chemical treatment created by the pharmaceutical companies and in cahoots with many medical professionals, HMO’s and health insurance industry. The pharmaceutical drug companies have created a hugely successful private industry that profits with the sale of their legal drugs. While these legal drugs come with great risks, side effects, and sometimes addiction, few of these drugs are designed to solve health issues. Most pharmaceutical drugs are designed only as temporary fixes to keep healthcare patients reliant on the pharmaceutical prescription medicines and thus with every new medical patient they have a new customer that will be with them until the end.

On the other hand there is natural or naturopathic medicine (naturopathy) and holistic medicine. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes complete physical, mental health, and wellness with prevention, treatment and complete body health with therapeutic methods and cures. Natural medicine focuses on a solution-based medical approach to healing and maintaining body wellness.

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