Dollars and Death tax t shirt men’s


The story behind the design:
Powerful men re-write the rules, rigging the game to protect their abundance, while Uncle Scam pickpockets the poor to purchase perpetual war. A military filled with gluttony, greed and corruption. A nation over budget, citizens over taxed while the media banters of social programs to be axed. In the bulging belly of our nation a monstrous military swallows our dollars to deliver death in an unnamed land. Our leaders commit war crimes on our dimes, we play by their rules and our conscience pays the price.


Dollars and Death tax t shirt men’s

Men’s/Unisex Cardinal, Dollars and Death T-shirt. American-made and hand-printed in Wisconsin with metallic gold shimmer, water-based inks. 100% combed ringspun USA cotton, fashion-slim fit, men’s t-shirt. Centered, front Dollars and Death print with additional back Dollars and Death graphic on upper back and logo on left sleeve. A variation of this design is also available in Women’s T-shirt.

Available in Mens or Womens. 100% comfort, machine wash cold. 

Documented History:
Over recent decades U.S. military spending has swelled to larger than the full military spending of the next 10 largest countries combined. According to the National Priorities Project, 2014 military spending accounted for 57% of the federal discretionary spending and that number doesn’t include the Homeland Security department or the full military spending of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. For fiscal year 2015 our president has requested a military budget that would grow by another $12 billion. The military spending of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars will cost American taxpayers $1.75 trillion for the fiscal year 2014.

Meanwhile the separation of wealth continues to rise with a good deal of help from our nation’s tax code. Ten of the largest tax breaks aimed to benefit the richest 1% totaled more than $750 billion in tax savings in 2013. Citizens for Tax Justice has exposed how corporations pay even less than their wealthiest individuals, and some pay no taxes at all. Bank of America, Citigroup, Boeing, Verizon, and General Electric have famously avoided paying federal taxes. Corporate tax code has steadily declined since World War II with an increasing number of loopholes. Today individual pay taxes at a rate 3.5 times greater than the actual taxed rate of corporations.



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