Banksta political t shirt


The story behind the design:
Since the early 1800’s a small group of Banking families have had enormous influence over the global monetary system. These Banking Dynasties have used their power to leverage money supply through non-governmental organizations such as the Federal Reserve.

The Bankstas play above the rules with financial domination over governments that could hold them accountable. Bankstas quietly create market fluctuations to increase economic stratification. Knowing their agenda, would you rather Rob or be Robbed?

This is a PROGRESS original design.


Banksta political t shirt

Natural colored Men’s/Unisex Banksta political t shirt. Made in USA and hand-printed in Wisconsin with eco-conscious water-based ink. 100% ringspun combed cotton, fashion-slim fit t-shirt. Off-centered large vertical front print with black and gold ink and “Banksta” script.

Available in Mens. 100% comfort, machine wash cold. 

Documenting History:
For the Banksta design we illustrated Nathan Mayer Rotschild, an infamous London Banker and part of the Rothschild banking revolution. This fat banker was one of four sons that helped spread the Rothschild family wealth throughout Europe and his recognizable body shape led him to become a popular subject of public satire. Falling from Rotschild’s coat tails, you see Trickle-Down economics disappearing before it reaches the ground. The pocket watch utilizes the Federal Reserve logo, with links made of world monetary symbols and the text reading Rob or be Robbed – a statement about how the Bankers have inflated markets and fixed economic hardships for their own benefit. In the game of money, only the greediest win.

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Weight .25 lbs

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