Political T-shirts for a Cause!

Progress Label is your source for quality, American-made political t-shirts for a cause, well actually many causes. At Progress, we don’t just put a simple political statement on a shirt and we don’t only make liberal political t-shirts or conservative political t-shirts. Each political t-shirt design starts with a single political issue AND eventually a good design. Sometimes we have the design sketched out right away, but more often we focus on a political issue and create the design solely with the politics of that issue in mind and a style that corresponds to the Progress brand and our style-conscious customers.

We believe that there are many sides to the political spectrum and many sides to each political issue. We also believe that the American 2-party political system is a broken and corrupt system. Liberals and Conservatives alike are bought and sold by wealthy donors, corporations, and lobbyists at the expensive of American citizens. The American political system has become more plutocracy than democracy; and the voices of reason are increasingly drowned out by corporate money, influence, and power. Within every major political topic in this country, a corporation and lobbyists are working with incredible amounts of money and a hidden agenda so they can personally benefit from America’s broken political system.

Each Progress Label, political t-shirt focuses on a specific, flawed political issue and we work to display the hidden political agendas and hypocrisies that lie beneath the surface of those issues. Our political agenda is simple; we speak truth to power and we speak power to the people. Our political t-shirts come with a clothing tag bookmark that provides our message behind the design and what the design means to us. But what it means to us is only part of the story. A single t-shirt design can’t say it all. Politics are not straight-forward and 1-sided, we encourage respectful political discourse and our political t-shirts have a tendency to encourage that conversation.

Our politics have the people in mind and so do our shirts. Each Progress shirt is made with a message, created with an original design and crafted for quality and comfort. All Progress shirts feature original artwork on American-made t-shirts. Our political t-shirts and apparel are professionally hand-printed with eco-friendly water-based inks in our Wisconsin print shop by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. We work hard to keep our quality and ethics high. We take pride in our work and we hope you enjoy what we do.