Mountains, ducks, t-shirts and ribbons … welcome to Colorado

May 27 Nebraska: Drove through Nebraska – all day – lots and lots of Nebraska.

May 28, 29, 30 Boulder Creek Festival: Met up with more old friends and made a few new ones (see photo). What can we say? Nature loves us – okay – maybe just the duck part of nature. AND we were in the news! Sources tell us Drew has no immediate plans to quit his day job but, due to his new found celebrity, if you see him at a festival or visit his website, he will sell you a t-shirt in the design of your choice …

Colorado ducks

You may call them ducks, but I call them friends.

ribbon for Best in Show: Wearable Art

June 4 & 5 Denver Capitol Hill People’s Fair: … make that an AWARD WINNING (Best in Show for Wearable Art) design of you choice. No ducks in Denver but more old friends and tons of Wisco peeps … I wonder if they enjoyed the drive through Nebraska as much as we did.

mountains and lake

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