We’re not in Wisconsin anymore. Ja Man!

Meet Prescilla.  The 1972 MCI custom bus.  She is 40 feet long and equipped with a full kitchen, refrigerator, and sleeping for 12. Julia, the sister bus, sleeps 14.  It definitely takes some adjusting, to sleeping in such close quarters with 11 other humans.  Say good bye to privacy and say hello to never knowing where your shoes, canteen, or sunglasses are.  There are the upsides however, and that would be the delight of getting to know some amazing new people.  The SLR is based out of Oakland, California, but has participants from Germany to Tennessee to New York to Florida.  And everyone one of them is talented, intelligent, and unique.  Not to mention everyone’s ability to respect and communicate to one another.  Its day 5 here on Prescilla, and I can already tell that these folks will become my family for the next 4 months. With-in the first weekend, which took place at Ohio’s  Reggae Festival, we beat boxed some happy birthday songs for Veronica, paraded through the festival grounds in our carny garb, witnessed the post-music pyrotechnics on the beach, dance partied in a tee pee, and enjoyed swimming at Nelson Ledges, ja man. For more pictures check out my Facebook page. Did I mention that we also have a chef on board. Michael met the SLR on their last WestCoast tour.  He fell in love with everyone and offered up his cooking skills for the road.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well, consistently.  On the menu for this last week has been, well, quinoa and lentils with everything.  Nori wraps with avacado, tomato, fresh spinach, and goat cheese. Garnished with sunflower seeds, hummus, and balsamic vinegar. Last night we ate fried okra, sauteed zucchini with red onion and garlic with purple rice.   I couldn’t ask for better eating.  Don’t worry though, my non- vegan friends, we were given pizza and spicy chicken from some very gracious food vendors.  Yumz

Until next time.  Keep it real, keeping the air clear, keep it clean, keeping it green, like a vegetable fiend, no hot dogs for me, until thanksgiving. Oh, sorry! Your life is seriously always a song on this bus.

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